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Can Gravley build doors that are not in their catalog or on their website?

Yes! The catalog and website are just idea starters. We can make panel, lumber and glass changes to what is seen there, or you can send in your favorite ideas from the multitude of home improvement / idea sites online. (We can even build you your Grandma’s’ door from an old photo!)

What size doors do you offer?

Since Gravley is a made to order door plant, we can customize, oversize or under size any door. This ensures you get just the right fit for a remodel or unique new door opening for your project.

Can Gravley make a fire rated door to match my interior door package?

Yes. Gravley has been certified to provide 20-minute, 45-minute, 60- minute, and 90- minute fire rated doors. We can match most door styles, including some with glass options.

Can you make wrought iron for my special door?

Gravley can replicate most iron work patterns or create a new one for you. 

Does Gravley offer simulated divided light bars (SDL)?
Yes, Gravley can do sdl bars on doors with smooth glass only. Check with us for profiles and sizes.
What will my lead time be?

Gravley takes pride in having immediate availability to an extensive variety of raw materials. This allows us to have some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Most orders are completed in a 3 to 4-week time frame or sooner. 

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